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Coins Banknotes Stamps

Have a coin, banknote or stamp collection you are considering selling? Drop into our office at Victoria Point to get a quote and sell your items on the spot for cash.


We also can arrange for cash loans against your jewellery, bars or coins.

We will buy both precious metal and non-precious metal collections.

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What We Offer

We buy and sell a variety of collectibles, including;

World coins & banknotes


Rare and antique coins, banknotes & stamps

Royal Australian Mint Collections

Australian stamps


When you visit our showroom, our professional and friendly staff will answer any questions or concerns you have regarding any of your items and the services we provide.

If you are looking for information, our knowledgeable and honest staff will educate you about the item in question. You then can make an informed decision with absolutely no pressure to sell.

If you do decide to sell, we can provide you an honest, top-dollar offer and provide you with immediate payment.

Contact Us

If you are interested in what we can do for you, give us a call, come visit our store or browse our website for more information.

Our company has the experience and extensive resources to appropriately handle transactions of any amount.

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